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Use This IP Geolocation API To Do Geomarketing

Are you looking for a way to know the zip code of your customers in order to do Geomarketing studies? Then I recommend you to continue reading this article.

In order to carry out marketing actions, it is necessary to obtain the postal code of the customers. What is the postal code? It is a scheme that assigns to different areas or places of a country, a code that is attached to the address. It is used to facilitate and mechanize the routing of a mailing.

This code can be used for Geomarketing studies. That kind of marketing uses the combination of geographic variables with psychographic and demographic variables to determine the composition of a market in a given geographic area. However, psychographic analysis is often pushed to the background. While demographic analysis takes precedence.

Use This IP Geolocation API To Do Geomarketing

That is why, by knowing the zip code of the customers, it is possible to carry out all these studies that are really essential for a company. In order to know this data of the users, an API can be implemented that provides information of the users through the IP address. For example, one of them is ipXapi, the best API to obtain reliable and secure information about customers.

Here Are The Steps To Try It Out:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your IP address or click on the “lookup” button.
  3. Wait less than 2 seconds
  4. You are done! Now you have the IP address you want to use.
Use This IP Geolocation API To Do Geomarketing

This Software Has 3 Versions:

The first one is totally free and you can make up to 10,000 requests in a month. It offers basic support and provides information about: the location module, the currency module, and the time zone module. It also provides information on the connection and security module.

The second option which is the BASIC service offers 100.000 requests per month. With premium support and modules of location, currency, time zone and connection, and security.

Permanently, the PROFESSIONAL version offers 500,000 requests per period. In addition, it offers premium support and modules for location, currency, time zone, connection, and security.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any moment and can be upgraded. And Payment can be done by credit card or PayPal. For enterprise clients standard bank transfer.

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