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Using RBOB Gasoline Prices API To Hedge Your Fuel Exposure

If you are a developer in need of a good API to get data of gasoline prices, this article is for you!

A lot of people utilize gasoline as a fuel on a daily basis. It’s utilized in automobiles and motorcycles and is essential to the transportation sector. In other words, the cost of gasoline significantly affects how we live our daily lives. On social media or in the news, we can always observe how much gas costs are fluctuating. Some folks who want to know the pricing for the upcoming month or year may have a difficulty with this. Because of this, there are fuel hedging options that enable you to lock in a price for your fuel, ensuring that you won’t have any unpleasant shocks down the road.

However, you need to know the price of gasoline right now in order to predict what it will cost in the future. Due of the multiplicity of variables that may impact it, this may be challenging. However, there is a fix: using an API. You can obtain historical and real-time information on gas prices via an API. You can use this information to hedge your gasoline risk and estimate future fuel prices. Therefore, if you’re trying to find a way to obtain this information, we suggest using an RBOB Prices API.

Using RBOB Gasoline Prices API To Hedge Your Fuel Exposure

You will initially be able to receive real-time updates on price data. You will have an advantage over rivals because you will be aware of the exact moment to buy or sell your goods.

You will also have simultaneous access to data from a variety of marketplaces, which will help you make better investment choices. Finally, you will have access to this API on your tablet or smartphone so that you can always stay up to date on rates wherever you are.

Commodities API

Using RBOB Gasoline Prices API To Hedge Your Fuel Exposure

The endpoint provides access to data on one or more currencies, details about daily changes, value conversion, and time series data for one or more currencies. Developers can get real-time data on the value of commodities through the Commodities API, which is made available by more than 10 different exchange rate data providers for commodities pricing. The API contains many endpoints, each of which performs a different function. It can also make API calls to get the most recent commodity rate data for all or a specific set of currencies.

This API will provide you a range of responses depending on the commodity you’re looking for. We’re curious to learn more about coal in this particular case. You may search up information on it by using the RBOB Gasoline symbol provided by the API (RBU22):


One dollar is equal to 0.40650406504065 gallons of RBOB Gasoline, as you can see in the response.

All You Have To Do To Utilize It Is:

  • Go to Commodities API and simply sign up, when you are done you’ll be ready to start using the API!
  • Employ the different API endpoints using the symbols given by the API depending on what you are looking for.
  • Once you meet your needed endpoint, make the API call by pressing the button “run” and see the results on your screen.

The Agriculture Rates API offers data with a two-decimal place precision in more than 170 different currencies. You can perform up to 100.000 API requests each month and receive data updates every 60 seconds, depending on the subscription you choose. This API also comes with a seven-day trial period.

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