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What Are IATA And ICAO Codes And How To Obtain Them With An API

Do you want to know what IATA and ICAO codes are and how to obtain them with an API? If so, keep reading!

IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) codes are the two most widely used and recognized air transportation identification codes in the world. They are used to identify airports, airlines and aircrafts. The IATA code is used by all airlines to identify their departure and destination airports, and documents; while the ICAO code is used by all countries’ aviation authorities to identify aircraft operating agencies, aeronautical authorities, and services related to international aviation.

The two organizations work together to ensure that all countries use the same airlines and airport codes. These codes allow travelers to easily identify the airport they’re flying into; as well as where their bags will be going after they land, and more. Hence, they are essential for any company that operates or deals with air travel, such as airlines, airports, travel agencies, tourism agencies, etc; as well as individual travelers. And what’s more, both sets of codes are available by using an API for flight data.

How Can You Use An API To Obtain IATA and ICAO Codes?

IATA codes are a standard three-letter code; while ICAO codes are three-letter code as well as a telephony designator. The best way to obtain them is by using an application programming interface that provides flight data.

An API is the most sophisticated tool for acquiring any information; because it is a software mediator that enables two apps to share data while functioning in a simple and safe manner. The request of a user for certain information is delivered to a system database; which subsequently returns the data requested to the user via an API. Hence, by using a flight data API, you can obtain a variety of flight information, including IATA and ICAO codes.

If you want to obtain these codes, the best for you is to use the most comprehensive and reliable API that is on the market. That is why, we recommend you to use Flightlabs API. This one is a sophisticated API that gathers real-time and historical flight data from a variety of trustworthy providers. Its database offers information on more than 250 countries, and over 13,000 airlines.

Furthermore, it is a easy-to-integrate API, since it allows developers to programmatically access its data via REST endpoints. Flightlabs then provides responses in lightweight JSON format.

How To Obtain These Codes

If you are currently looking for an specific ICAO or IATA code, it’s the best time to give Flightlabs a try. And you can do so for free! Just follow these steps:

1.Register at After signing up, you’ll receive your very own API key. This unique combination of numbers and letters will assist you when making API calls.

2.Select the real-time endpoint together with optional parameters to filter your result set. In this case, select the IATA request parameter, or the ICAO request parameter.

3.Make the API call by pressing the “run” button. And that’s it!

For more information about this API methods, and instructions visit Flightlabs documentation by clicking here.

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