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Why corporate startups and consulting keep opening?

Innovation location Munich is growing.

Excubate, innovation and corporate startup consultancy for new digital business models, continues its successful course and today announces the opening of a new office in Munich under the leadership of Dr. Ing. Markus Anding known.

About the goal

With the opening of the new office in Munich, excubate, as an innovation consultancy and partner for the spin-off of corporate startups, is pursuing the goal of further expanding its local presence and strengthening its personal customer service in southern Germany.

The Munich team will be headed by co-founder and partner dr. Markus Anding personally. With its years of expertise and the successes in setting up the Cologne location, excubate wants to meet the increasing demands from the Munich area. “The goal is to sustainably strengthen customer relations in the Munich market and, with a second team, to be able to act even faster for our customers in southern Germany in Munich. Despite all digitalization, physical proximity is very important in our innovation environment. ” Anding. Tammo Ganders, co-founder of excubate GmbH, says: “The choice of location was deliberate on Munich.” There are more innovators in Munich than in any other city. * We serve our customers worldwide, but we receive numerous inquiries, especially from Bavaria. We want to meet this demand”.

Who is in the team?

The new Munich team will also be strongly supported by Nicole Möller, who will accompany innovation projects right through to the realization and marketing phase. “As a small and exclusive consultancy, we are happy to be able to recruit outstanding personalities for excubate.”, Says Ganders. Nicole Möller brings 15 years of industry experience, proven transformation expertise and marketing experience in senior positions at brands such as Porsche, Microsoft and General Electric to excubate.

The strategy behind it

The opening of the Munich office is also part of the customer service strategy, with the aim of attracting new talent and employees. More at

In addition to the headquarters in Cologne, the consultancy is thus setting a decisive milestone for the southern German region. Other offices are initially not planned, but the expansion of the existing excubate team.

About excubate GmbH

Founded in 2015, excubate GmbH (excubate), headquartered in Cologne, Germany, advises large mid-sized companies and corporations on the creation and sustainable implementation of creative innovation environments that enable them to develop, validate and implement new business models and digitization strategies. These are based on startup principles and are thus faster, more effective and more successful. excubate thus makes an important contribution to securing the sustainable growth and innovation of its customers.

The aim is to advise companies

The excubate experts advise large medium-sized companies and corporations. They accompany the numerous customers in the strategic and operational development, review and spin-off of innovative business models. excubate supports the customers here from the brainstorming, the validation and scaling phase up to the implementation on the market. In addition, the consultants are also involved in a large number of strategic projects – for example the development of digital strategies.

The philosophy

A central component of the excubate philosophy is to work effectively and efficiently by developing, reviewing and assessing business ideas and innovations quickly, prototypically and stably, and to ensure that the new ideas are actually put into action. The consultants use state-of-the-art methods such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking or Business Model Generation to bundle them in the excubate approach: “excubation”. This follows the paradigm of separating the development of new business from the optimization of the existing business to an appropriate extent. Thus, the new business is to be led to success, without the existing processes and conventions such as reporting channels or development requirements hinder this.

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