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German startups have received so much funding as never before

Around 600 German startups raised venture capital already in 2019, some of them several times. This was the result of the startup barometer of the EY audit. Overall, the founders received 4.57 billion euros – almost seven percent, or 290 million euros more than the year before. Most of the money came together in the first half of the year..

Berlin startups on point

Two out of five financing rounds were completed by Berlin startups, which is not surprising since most of the young companies are based in the German capital. Above all, founders from Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and the new federal states received significantly more capital than in the previous year.

Financing rounds keep increasing

At the same time, the number of financing rounds increased in 2019. With 615 fundings, the number was 21 percent higher than in 2018. Startups in Germany received money in a total of 507 rounds. The volume of the individual funding is also striking. In Germany, investors invested between ten and fifty million in the young companies more often than in 2018. There were 80 rounds of financing on this scale in 2018 – 48 percent more than in the previous year. 13 laps were more than 50 million euros, more than 420 laps under five million euros. The most capital received in 2018 the used car platform Auto1: 460 million euros from Softbank.

E-commerce startups, the real thing

Arranging the funding by industry means that e-commerce startups are clearly ahead. More than 1.6 billion euros flowed according to the evaluation in online retailers – especially through the megadeal of Auto1. Second place in the sector distribution comes from software startups, closely followed by fintechs.

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