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World Bank API Alternative To Commodities Prices

As the world is always changing, so are markets. For instance, investors and people related to certain industries need to know updated rates. 

Certainly, the products’ prices that we use every day are based on raw materials’ rates. And, on the other hand, those rates keep changing because of stock and demand changes. 

Moreover, markets move the world. On the other hand, investing in commodities it’s a great way to avoid inflation. 

In fact, when analyzing this kind of investment, three significant benefits to investors’ projects are frequently mentioned: inflation protection, diversification, and return capabilities.

That is, commodities react to changing economic fundamentals differently than “financial assets” because they are “real assets.”

World Bank API Alternative To Commodities Prices


Diversified commodities exposure can give investors a variety of advantages, but investing also entails risk.

For example, during cyclical downturns in the global economy, when consumer and industry demand slows, there may be underperformance.

World Bank

The World Bank Group assists governments with finance, policy advice, and technical help, as well as focusing on the development of the private sector in developing nations.

Also, this entity has a Commodities prices API that provides information about many assets like cotton, sugar, rice, coffee, crude oil, and much more.

Nevertheless, there are other alternatives with a variety of subscription plans that provides real market information, from private known organizations. That is to say, if you’re considering investing in any commodity during 2022, you need to use the best software to be updated.

The Best Alternative: Commodities-API

World Bank API Alternative To Commodities Prices

This online API delivers precise rate data in a variety of currencies for a large range of commodities.

Commodities-API began as a simple, minimalist Open-Source API for recent and historical commodity prices from financial institutions.


The Commodities-API uses bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to secure your connection.

Thousands of developers, small enterprises, and large corporations use Commodities-API on a daily basis. This API is the most popular site for commodity rates because of its reliable data sources and 6+ years of experience.

Why is it the best?

The API can offer real-time commodity data with a precision of two decimal points and a frequency of up to every 60 seconds.
Commodities-API is built on a strong back-end architecture that ensures high availability and response times of less than 50 milliseconds for specific API calls. Delivering commodity exchange rates, converting single currencies, and returning Time-Series and Fluctuation data are only a few of the functions.

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