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Alternatives to bank credit: FinTech, Crowdlending and direct banks

Self-employed persons, traders and small companies are particularly affected by the new regulations Basel III for banks for lending to companies: For smaller loan amounts of up to 100,000 euros, the ratio between expenditure and income is considered too low or too lucrative from the Bank’s point of view ,…

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Fintech company developed algorithms which already grant credits

The future of the General Deposit Fund (CGD) is insured in the digital laboratory. Divided into several sections, such as risk analysis, consumer credit, housing loans or business management, nearly 100 people contribute to the digital transformation of the Savings Bank. On the walls, the phrase “done is better than…

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Vontobel: IPOs for everyone thanks to Crypto

Bank Vontobel has already distinguished itself as a crypto-bank. Now, the technology could also cause upheaval in investment banking. Zürcher Bank Vontobel relies on technology to further meet the needs of its customers. The in-house platform for structured products has made the stock exchange practically obsolete in this area since…

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Look at How Many Millions these European Companies Invested in German Startups

Coparion, Runa Capital, Mobility Fund and Smava founder Artopé are jointly investing seven million euros in the mobility platform Vehiculum. The new financing will increase the investment to around 10 million euros. The Berlin-based company, founded by Melchior Bauer, Guy Moller and Lukas Steinhilber, plans to expand its platform into…

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Fintech: what is and how does the new financial industry work?

Have you imagined a world without physical bank branches, in which all the services could be solved at any time of the day through your smartphone? This reality is getting closer every day thanks to the new online financial products of traditional banking … but also because of the development…

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List of the cheapest exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Within the options available to us to operate cryptocurrency, in addition to the CFD platforms, we have different types of exchange and even exclusive trading platforms for tokens. What is an exchange? Fundamentally an exchange is an online platform that allows the exchange of fiat money (fiduciary, explained below) by…

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