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3 APIs To Get Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Data

Read this article to learn about the travel and aviation industry and its latest technology! Flight Data APIs.

Hongqiao International Airport is located in the city of Shanghai, in the People’s Republic of China. This airport is located in the Changning district, right on the western urban boundary. It was opened in 1999 and is easily accessible by cabs, buses, a minibus service, or even from the subway.

In 2008 the airport received approval for an expansion and new terminals, new runways, and new facilities for ground and cargo operations were created. More than 30 million passengers pass through Hongqiao Airport annually. It is the fourth largest airport in China. It also plays an important role in the country for the movement of aircraft and cargo.

What also grew with the demand for flights and airport expansion in the tourism industry. Today, most working people are looking forward to taking a vacation at some point during the year. Tour companies manage flights, but also transportation, services, accommodation, and tour guides. There are large and small agencies, but they occupy an important part of the world’s tourism.

These companies need to have information on flights, prices, and locations, which is why integrating it into their platforms optimizes tasks, and times and provides better service. Many times they even need to incorporate updated information on their websites. For this, Flight Data APIs have long become necessary to have updated information and simplify tasks.

Why Flight Data API s Transformed The Travel Industry?

Flight Data APIs are tools integrated into platforms or websites. These tools generate permanent connections with other sources of information, allowing the source site to have access to its data or functions. More specifically, these APIs encompass information issued by hundreds of airlines and airports. Flight codes, status, IATA and ICAO codes, and terminal numbers, are some of the data that can be obtained with them.

The industry really revolutionized and improved its processes by being able to count on real-time information. If you are not yet using an API we suggest you try it to see the results. Although you will find some that better suit your company’s needs, APIs can be adapted by developers. We bring you some outstanding options in the market, with different qualities.

  • FlightLabs
    This top-level API is undoubtedly popular in the market. Its main two attributes are an incredibly large database and the fastest time response. This API works with AI which constantly improves its refined search engine. You will have access to real-time and historical flight information, such as IATA and ICAO codes. Lastly, FlightLabs supports most programming languages.
  • OAG
    It is a high-profile API that is research-oriented. Like most Flight Data APIs it provides flight information and status. What is particular about OAG is that it collects the carbon footprint of each aircraft. This API has a variety of resources that make it very easy to integrate it into other systems.
  • AirLabs
    This API is especially good to monitor individual flights and display this information. It can be used to display as a graphic on a map, as is often broadcast to follow the flight status on websites and in-flight TV. It also accesses particular information such as coordinates, speed, direction, and other useful data.
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