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3 Flight APIs To Get China Eastern Airlines Flight Data

The Technology Industry is filled with top-class APIs. Today we will see three of the best flight APIs. How they perform and more! China Eastern Airlines will be the main example.

Get Info From China Eastern Airlines

An airline based in Shanghai:  China Eastern Airlines is one of the largest Chinese airlines. It operates international, domestic, and regional flights. Shanghai Pudong International Airport serves as their primary operational base, with Shanghái-Hongqiao serving as their second operational base.

This is an airline that travels all over the world. For instance, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, and more. Evidently, these are all popular destinations. Cities with a lot of tourism traffic, hence, cities most travelers tend to go for or at least consider to go. Hence, China Eastern Airlines is one that you should keep an eye on.

When I say “you”, I refer to your company. Obviously, one chore is based on working closely with airlines, airports, and flights. It can vary from an airline company, one that monitors flights, an air agency, or even a website that provides information about flights. No matter which box you filled, Flight Data APIs will enhance your firm.

Use Flight APIs

Flight Data APIs are application programming interfaces that work as an intermediary between two operating systems, and between two software. Therefore, they will make sure you receive the information about the airline you want. In this case from China Eastern Airlines.

Evidently, the use of Flight Data APIs will speed up the process of the obtention of information. An aspect that is crucial for any of these companies because they rely on it. Also, I must add that when introducing a Flight Data API to your company you must make sure it works with almost any programming language. For example, JSON or Python.

Flight APIs

This is due to the fact that when implemented it should be compatible with your software. Plus, should have a language your developers understand. Now that we understand a little bit better the importance of Flight Data APIs, I recommend these three:

Flight APIs


Flightlabs is one of the most powerful free flight data APIs. This is a REST API that will provide all kinds of information. From airlines, airports, countries, all of it. With Flightlabs you will get schedules, timetables, live status, and even history from airlines and airports. As a result, nothing data-related will escape from your company.

This flight data API characterizes because of the coverage it possesses. It is worldwide. This means you can get the information from any airline and airport in the world. Flightlabs does not discriminate.

Also, it is easy to use. So you do not have to worry about deciding to introduce it to your software and applications. 

Flight APIs


Excellent service for you to study further about your trip is FlightStats. It delivers great free features like a radar map, present circumstances, port delays, and scorecards for on-time arrivals. Moreover, it delivers quality features including destination information, historical flight status, and flight warnings.

Flight APIs


This is a REST API for programmers, small teams, enterprises, academics, and students. It is a top-class and enthusiast-driven that contains flight and aviation data. also cheap cost and freeware

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