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3 Free & Cheap Email Marketing Tools In 2022

Did you know you don’t need a bag full of cash to afford an email marketing tool? Keep reading to discover some services you can get for little or no money.

Many people check their email daily: while working out, eating, and even going to the restroom. As a result, email marketing is a reliable method of interaction between a business and its customers.

But, if you have recently started out or have a limited budget, you’ll need the help of a low-cost email marketing provider. Thankfully, several options are available for different types of businesses and sectors. All you have to do is choose the ideal one for you.

3 Free & Cheap Email Marketing Tools In 2022

Thus, we’ve compiled some of the best free and cheap email marketing tools to try out in 2022. This way, you’ll be able to deliver appealing marketing campaigns to your audience without hurting your wallet.


3 Free & Cheap Email Marketing Tools In 2022

There’s no way you spend extra money using Postr. You solely pay for the number of emails you send. That’s enough for our AI-powered programme to provide you total control over email designs, even if your content involves adult content, cannabis, betting, the pharmaceutical business, casino or gambling websites, and cryptocurrency, among others.

Moreover, if you don’t want to create your email from scratch, that’s fine! The platform offers 20 attractive, responsive HTML templates for no cost. With opportunities to upgrade (from $25), get ready to personalise and boost conversions with Postr due to the 20,000 emails you can send each month to your first 200 subscribers for free.


3 Free & Cheap Email Marketing Tools In 2022

Mailjet‘s platform includes an email builder that allows you to develop, test, and deliver conversion-focused emails. It also allows you to manage your audience and expand your contact list effortlessly and quickly. You’ll even be able to track your progress using their actionable analytics.

For $15, you may send 15,000 emails each month (no daily restriction), get online assistance, remove the Mailjet logo from your layouts, test your emails before sending them, and take advantage of address verification and contact segmentation. Alternatively, you may sign up for free to send up to 200 emails every day (6,000 per month), save as many contacts as you need, use a sophisticated email editor, and get basic performance statistics.


3 Free & Cheap Email Marketing Tools In 2022

Cakemail allows you to create stunning responsive emails with adequate functionality to achieve optimum email marketing benefits, including dynamic content and analytics to track your metrics’ effectiveness. Furthermore, you can effortlessly import new contacts, obtain their opt-in, oversee anti-spam regulations, and rely on automatic list cleanliness for optimal deliverability to your subscriber lists.

The best thing is that all of Cakemail‘s plans are free to trial. However, for $8, you can get more than basic support and templates to send those 12K emails to your list of 2K contacts each month. You may manage up to three lists, each with 500 contacts, and use 600 email templates to send out 12 times more emails than your amount of subscribers.

Now that you know free and cheap services, are you ready to start your business’s email marketing journey?

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