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Best Alternatives To SendX At Affordable Prices

Are you looking for email marketing services that are more affordable than SendX? Check out these alternatives!

Many individuals search for effective, easy-to-use software solutions to excel at email marketing campaigns and increase conversions and revenue. That’s why Email Marketing Tools are so requested nowadays. They are one of businesses right hand. And  SendX could be a good match.

SendX has powerful tools to help you design attractive emails and distribute them successfully to your audience, from newsletters to a complex marketing system. It’s now simple to create emails, send them right away or later, and track their success.

Best Alternatives To SendX At Affordable Prices

If you’re thinking about getting SendX (or any other email marketing service), you should look into similar options or competitors –at affordable prices– to identify the ideal choice. Hence, we’ve compiled some of the best SendX alternatives.


Best Alternatives To SendX At Affordable Prices

Postr ensures you every email delivered arrives on time to its intended destination no matter the industry. As a result, this email marketing solution is ideal for content prohibited by other email marketing platforms, such as affiliate marketing, adult content, cannabis businesses, pharmaceutical products, casino and gambling services, multi-level marketing, sports betting, cryptocurrency, etc.

The platform also comes with content-ready, responsive email templates that you can customise to increase conversions and open rates. And because you only pay for what you send, you may obtain everything at a reasonable price. You may use Postr for free and get 1,000 emails that you totally created yourself (no branding watermarks included) to send to 200 subscribers. If it meets your company’s requirements, you can sign up for the $25 Pro plan to get further advantages.


Best Alternatives To SendX At Affordable Prices

Another way of providing your audience with personalised emails for them is ActiveCampaign. The platform allows you to create appealing email campaigns and newsletters that will receive more responses. Plus, it features SMS marketing integration, social media sharing, and even CRM software -much beyond SendX’s basic email marketing– without being inaccessible to newbies.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign allows you to explore and test what works best for your business. Its reports can assist you in figuring out which emails are doing effectively and which ones could use some tweaking. You can then boost your emails’ opens, clicks, and sales rates by employing basic split testing. You can start utilising this tool with a 14-day free trial or with the $9 Lite Plan (which you can pay per month or per year).


Best Alternatives To SendX At Affordable Prices

Moosend provides advanced marketing automation and segmentation capabilities that send more tailored emails to your subscribers to enhance conversions. Not to mention, you’ll be able to track which emails work better in the future to ensure higher open rates and click-throughs.

You may also use Moosend‘s ready-made email templates or the drag-and-drop editor to create stunning newsletters and sign-up forms to capture your audience’s attention and increase lead generation. Try these features with a 30-day free trial or pay $9 per month for the Pro monthly plan.

Did you find these tools useful? Let us know in the comments!

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