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5 Google tools that can help your business

Google is the most used search engine in the world, but besides that, if you have a business, there are several tools that can help you as an entrepreneur to optimize the management of your business. Do you want to know some of the tools of Google that are essential and that will help you manage your company.

Google Maps

It works in an integrated way with My Business and also shows data such as the address and hours of operation even if your company does not have a website.

Also, there is also Google Maps of Work that offers more solutions for your company and incorporates maps into webs and applications.

Google My Business

It is a free platform ideal for entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises and allows the entrepreneur to connect directly with customers seeking information about the business on other platforms of the company, such as the search website or Google Maps.

It also allows small and medium businesses to update and organize their complete data easily and quickly. That’s why customers can find companies through computers, smartphones or tablets.

Google Apps of Work

You have a series of Google applications available that can be customized according to your company profile. Google Apps of Work promotes integration between email, Drive and documents. It also allows the creation of a professional email, as well as security, control and storage of data.

Google Drive

This is a tool for storage and synchronization of data in the cloud and it works online. In addition, it makes it possible to view your content and your company anywhere through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Therefore, it is a perfect tool for companies with large data and file traffic.

If you want to optimize the use of the platform, you can also choose Google Drive of Work that offers, among its advantages, unlimited storage of files and folders as well as integration with other Google tools.

Google Analytics

It allows to control the results of the pages and shows some statistics as user profile, exhibition rate and this facilitates knowing the public and making the adjustments according to the needs of the consumer.

Together with Google Adwords, it allows the creation of ads and the choice of keywords, which makes it easier for the client to find your website.

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