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Why do you search Fortnite’s ‘black hole’ code on Google Maps? This is the truth

On Sunday, October 13, various users returned to social networks not only to detail what is happening in the new Fortnite event, but an unusual event that caused the entire map of the Epic Games video game to disappear completely. Various theories have caused users to despair and have not…

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Listen up, businesses: Google Maps and Waze are updated to integrate with Siri and Carplay

We all know that Apple costs a world to open its ecosystem to other companies and applications and that only when it is very clear (or it feels like it) is it when it opens its hand and lets others enter to graze in their own fields. And thanks to…

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This is how Google Maps works: images, satellites, data and a great team

Google Maps is based on several elements such as satellite images, official data and a human verification team so that your service is accurate and can help users to be located in the places as closely as possible. The Google navigation application is built in a careful way and each…

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Between Waze and Google Maps: Do you have a clear idea which one is best to show your startup?

Do you live far from your work? Do you waste countless hours of your life avoiding traffic while driving? Without a doubt, your solution could be between Waze and Google Maps. Although these applications will not make you fly to arrive in seconds, at least, they could become your best…

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Google Maps, a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs

Retail entrepreneurs who regularly update their Google Maps profile can increase the number of potential customers who are targeting them online up to 25%. Reliable source This information was revealed by Oliver Lane, founder of Velmont Media, which has been supporting independent businesses to improve the listing of their stores…

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