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A new partnership with tech startup Hadean

CCP Games announces partnership with Deep Tech startup Hadean for “EVE: Aether Wars,” a groundbreaking technology demonstration. The two companies want to explore ways to collaborate around large-scale multiplayer simulations in CCP’s current and upcoming titles.

About Hadean

Hadean is the developer of the Aether Engine, the world’s first decentralized simulation engine that enables developers to create cloud-native games with unprecedented gameplay capabilities. As announced last month, the Aether Engine runs on Microsoft Azure, providing developers with a framework to seamlessly and rapidly scale their applications to the cloud.

The Aether Engine will be demonstrating for the first time to visitors of the GDC 2019 “EVE: Aether Wars” how a real-time space deathmatch with 10,000 players can take place. To participate, potential users can register for free and receive further information.

About CCP

CCP provides graphics assets from “EVE Online” and “EVE: Valkyrie” for “EVE: Aether Wars”, which allows Hadean’s team to fully concentrate on developing the Aether engine and bring their software to the complex tasks to adapt to large-scale online multiplayer environments. Together, the two companies want to explore the question of whether there is potential to fundamentally improve the technical infrastructure of “EVE Online”.

The “EVE Online” community is currently holding the Guinness World Record for “most players competing against each other in a single multiplayer video game battle” with 6,142 players on January 23, 2018.

“We are thrilled to have EVE: Aether Wars support from CCP Games. This collaboration allows us to focus on our strengths – to create technologies that offer game developers new ways to express their creativity. Hadean has a world-class team of software engineers who create EVE: Aether Wars and bring in CCP expertise and ensure that we can impressively underline the progress, quality and stability of our technology. ”

Craig Beddis, CEO at Hadean

“Hadean’s technology has the potential to make tremendous creative and design freedom a reality within virtual worlds like EVE. As always, we look forward to working with intrepid pioneers and expanding the boundaries of what is possible. So we create the conditions for EVE to survive us all. Therefore, we take the opportunity to introduce our New Eden Universe into the awesome EVE: Aether Wars Sci-Fi spectacle that comes with the Aether Engine! I’m curious to see how our virtual spacecraft from EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie are joining forces thanks to this new and groundbreaking technology”.

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