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A startup wants to involve wealthy private investors in construction projects

The Berlin startup wants to involve wealthy private investors in construction projects. The start went well, now the equity capital is again increased significantly.

20 million euros for a residential quarter in Berlin Wilmersdorf. Just under 8 million euros for a commercial project on Alexanderplatz. More than three million for an office project in Düsseldorf. The investment company Linus Capital is raising ambitious real estate transactions throughout Germany. Since last summer, wealthy private individuals, family offices and asset managers have also been able to participate via a digital platform  the startup per investment requires at least € 200,000.

Half a year later, the startup is satisfied with the opening. “The launch of the platform was very successful for us,” says CFO Dominik Pederzani. It has been possible to achieve a co-investment rate of slightly more than 70% in the platform investments. Linus does not mediate the possible investments in real estate developers, but participates itself each with at least 25 percent and takes from the other investors a fee. Pederzani has already invested in the mid double digit million euro range since the launch of the platform.

Financial supervision registers the investment company

With the model, the platform differs from startups like Bergfürst or Zinsland. Which also require much smaller sums of money from investors. The challenge for Linus Capital, the own capital requirement is therefore extremely high. Now, the digital company according to its own information from the shareholder environment received 50 million euros for further construction projects. About the new capital had first reported the real estate newspaper.

The goals for this year are accordingly ambitious. “For 2019, we plan to invest at least 150 million euros in real estate developments with our co-investors,” says CEO David Neuhoff. Another co-investment volume of over ten million euros was confirmed today. In addition, the investment company has received a registration of the financial regulator Bafin as an investment management company behind the portal. This is an important step for further professionalization, says Neuhoff.

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