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Alternative to Xignite: get LME steel rebar turkey rates with an API

Are you interested in a new alternative to APIs like Xignite? Here you’ll find a solid recommendation for your consideration!

The London Stock Exchange (LME) specializes in non-ferrous metal future contracts and options for investments; it’s the most important market with its speciality. The LME has a yearly number of sales that reaches 8.500 billion. This institution meets rigorous quality standards with the storage of metals and plastics.

The most relevant investment elements for LME are this particular type of metal with a lack of iron in its alloy. We find in this group precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, also copper with its alignments in bronze and brass. Likewise, the non-ferrous team includes aluminium, nickel, palladium, platinum, titanium, tin, lead and zinc. This group of metals is the most wanted due to its high cost. Additionally, some of its characteristics are non-magnetism, resistance to corrosion and decorative value from some metals.

Regarding the contracts offered by LME, they offer a guarantee against the risks of price variations for all the parties involved in the transactions: producers, consumers, manufacturers and traders. This London-based company trades eight metals, two plastics and an index covering several primary metals every year.

Alternative to Xignite: get LME steel rebar turkey rates with an API

Alternative to Xignite: get any LME rate with Metals-API

Despite being relatively new, with six years of experience, this API satisfies the queries of more than 200.000 customers. In addition, the number of daily requests ascends way beyond 25 million. Many enterprises and developers are already using it. They collect data from 16 different sources, including the LME and the European Central Bank.

By creating an account in Metals-API‘s API, you can obtain historical exchange rates in precious metals, world currencies and single currency. Besides, information on gold carats and the lowest and highest currency prices are among this API’s features. Finally, fluctuation rates between two specific dates are at your disposal too.

The returning time of your API call can go from 48 minutes to 60 seconds, but it depends on the chosen subscription. They have six types of paid packs: you pay for a year with limits possible to change every month. If you need it, it’s available the option to upgrade the limit or downgrade it.

Step by step, how to start using an alternative to Xignite like Metals-API:

1 – Find the web page: and register. Don’t forget to save the password of your account.
2 – Read about the symbols of metals and currencies you need to ask.
3 – Make an API call with them, placing your chosen metals in the three-letter code and your preferred currency in the base currency.

Alternative to Xignite: get LME steel rebar turkey rates with an API

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