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Alternatives To Sendinblue For Free Email Marketing Templates

Who said email marketing had to be challenging? Start your email campaign with these Sendinblue alternatives’ free templates!

The email has become a necessity in today’s business world. Organisations use it to acquire and nurture leads while engaging with customers and clients. As a result, it’s understandable that you’d want to put your heart and soul into your email marketing designs. However, they are critical for improving subscriber retention, click-through rates, and revenues. Too much pressure!

For this reason, email marketing solutions such as Sendinblue and templates exist. You gain full access to the template gallery and email editing capabilities when you signup for a free account. You only have to choose from over 40 stunning, fully responsive email designs. Once on the email marketing platform, you can utilise some tools, like email signup forms, comprehensive reporting, and limitless contact storage. Sending up to 300 emails each day is totally free with Sendinblue‘s free plan.

Alternatives To Sendinblue For Free Email Marketing Templates

It sounds great. Right? Well, let us tell you that other email marketing services out there offer more or better email marketing resources, including templates –for no cost! Next, we share some of these alternatives to Sendinblue for free email marketing templates.


Alternatives To Sendinblue For Free Email Marketing Templates

Postr understands how tough it is to create HTML emails. As a result, it offers 20 of the best email templates for free to help you optimise your emails. You may customise them to fit your company’s needs and enhance conversions. After all, increasing subscribers and open rates depend on it.

But Postr is more than just a source of responsive email templates. It’s an email marketing service that ensures that all your emails are sent to the correct recipients, allowing you to grow. Essentially, it does everything it can to assist content creators in reaching a wider audience –for example, tracking your campaign’s performance to know what your consumers like and what they don’t. Get these email marketing tools at a low cost. Or for free! As long as your subscriber list doesn’t reach over 200 individuals and you don’t send more than 1,000 emails per month, you won’t have to spend a penny.


Alternatives To Sendinblue For Free Email Marketing Templates

Stripo‘s no-code email builder has over 1000 responsive email layouts for every industry or use case. As a result, it’s a fantastic tool for quickly building visually appealing, responsive, and interactive email newsletters. All you have to do is personalise them.

Stripo allows you to create email pieces once and reuse them across several campaigns, cutting email production time by 16 times. You can also play around with features like CSS-animated buttons, image rollover effects, and other interactive elements. Then, export the result to over 60 email clients and ESPs.


Alternatives To Sendinblue For Free Email Marketing Templates

Bee is a terrific drag-and-drop email editor for crafting mobile-friendly, responsive emails. Create your email from the ground up, starting with a blank canvas. You may also utilise one of their ready-to-use email templates to begin your design. Use the filters to choose the best layout for you (usage, automated, industrial, seasonal, and social).

Email creation that is free, rapid, and does not necessitate the use of any code. You can save time and maintain a consistent design across your organisation by keeping all of your newsletters, marketing, and transaction emails in one place with Bee. Then submit it to your favourite platform with a simple click, or grab the HTML and use it anywhere.

Have you decided what free email marketing templates to use?

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