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Short Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

Beginning with email marketing, huh? Don’t worry! With this short guide, we got you covered.

If you have a business, you must implement email marketing practices. But what does it mean exactly? Emailing activity delivers mass messages to present and future clients regularly. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can waste your reader’s time. They share their email addresses with your company for a reason: they believe you have something valuable to communicate. If you don’t keep up with expectations, they will unsubscribe.

Therefore, you cant send frequent ‘one fits all’ emails to your audience. Neither can you take too much time to deliver your following message. Create your emails and use them. Don’t be afraid of failure. Just make sure you keep track of your analytics and see what is working and what is not. And for god’s sake, avoid misspellings in your newsletters. People will notice.

Short Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

As you can see, email marketing is about testing and trying and monitoring when is the best time to send your emails to ensure the best open rates. Not to mention writing and showcasing catchy content to give your consumers a reason to continue reading your newsletters. That way, you will grow your list organically and over a period of time.

If you want more information on the short email marketing guide, click here.

Is this too much to assimilate? Don’t panic. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Email marketing services exist to give you a hand with the whole process. Here’s the ally we recommend:


Tables? Incline CSS? Postr is well aware of the difficulties of creating HTML emails. That’s why it offers 20 free, responsive HTML templates you can customise to suit your business. Captivating designs can optimise your emails by boosting open rates up to 70%. Customisation equals conversions.

Short Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

Moreover, Postr doesn’t limit your business growth, no matter the industry you find yourself in. Opposite to traditional email marketing solutions, the platform welcomes adult content, gambling websites, online casinos, crypto, initial coin offering, multi-level marketing, cannabis, CBD brands, Pharmaceutical products, Affiliate Marketing, Betting, etc. As long as it isn’t illegal or spam, you won’t get banned.

What’s more, Postr ensures a high level of deliverability. Every time you send your email campaigns to consumers, the tool guarantees to deliver them on time to help your business grow. As a result, no content is lost in cyberspace or fails to reach its intended audience. You may also track their performance and metrics to see what your subscribers want and don’t want.

Overall, Postr cares about its users’ wallets. The service only charges what you send; no hidden costs. Thus, you can deliver more emails while spending less money. Perfect for a startup on a tight budget. Yet, if your subscribers’ list doesn’t reach 200 people and you don’t plan to send more than 1,000 newsletters per month, you are completely entitled to enjoy Postr‘s benefits for free.

Now you know the bases for a successful and effective email marketing campaign.

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