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Are the digital voice assistants of Google, Apple and Amazon safe for the privacy of their users?

A series of privacy errors in recent months have raised new concerns about the future of digital voice assistants, a growing market considered by some to be the next frontier of computing. Recent incidents involving devices from Google, Apple and Amazon giants show that despite the strong growth in the…

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Amazon Chile prevented from the name Alexa for virtual assistant

Amazon Chile Amazon has lost in its attempt to register its virtual assistant “Alexa” in Chile. The company admitted the defeat after numerous judicial obstacles. Both the Supreme Court of Chile and the Industrial Property Court (INAPI) prevented Amazon from formally registering its product due to name complications. According to…

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The Google assistant will scan your face to customize actions

One of the most interesting features on Android phones is the Google Assistant. The intelligent service of the American company has ginned to be 1 of the most complete, competing directly with Siri,  Apple and Alexa from Amazon. Google continues integrating features to its assistant, which is already current on…

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