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Amazon fights for its domain name

When a giant of electronic commerce has the name of a huge jungle, problems appear when it comes to registering names.

Amazon has not had it easy to get where it has been, and now it’s time to face another battle, this time with eight South American countries that own parts of the Amazon rainforest.

They tell us in the NYT, where they indicate that the name of the domain “dot amazon” is the most desired in the sector. could use the name to continue growing, but countries do not want that name to be associated with electronic commerce. And yes with something much greater, a wonder of our planet. Having domains such as, and others is something that can not be lost, and if Amazon is done with it, they can forget about the business.

In 2012 requested to use .amazon before the Icann, but Brazil and Peru protested. Then it was Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname who also decided to file a claim to avoid the assignment. also requested .shop, .game, .mobile, .free and many other names, but it is not the only case of a private company requesting such domains. The sportswear manufacturer Patagonia, Inc. requested .patagonia, but withdrew the request after Chile and Argentina opposed it.

Apparently the solution is not in an economic remuneration to the countries, and it is difficult for countries to make a counter proposal joint So when the deadline is over, ICANN will decide and make the decision.

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