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Amazon launches a new delivery system to send orders safely inside of users’ garage

Amazon begins offering a new package delivery experience to Prime users in the United States with the release of Key for Garage. With it, the aforementioned users can choose to receive their orders safely inside their garages without having to alter their plans for receiving them.

All they need is to have the intelligent garage opening system connected from myQ, from Chamberlain Group. The linking of their accounts in myQ with their Amazon accounts in the Key by Amazon application. And that the new possibility is available in their area of residence. Whose consultation can be done through this link.

Amazon orders can now be received in the garages themselves

Amazon offers the possibility, for those who need it, to purchase one of the two available smart garage kits from myQ. The first of these is the Smart Garage Center of myQ. Which offers connectivity to the existing garage opening system, or a complete intelligent opening system with WiFi connectivity from Chamberlain or LiftMaster connected to myQ.

Amazon offers an unlimited time discount for myQ Smart Garage Center Kit. And even users can also add an Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) surveillance camera in addition, which also includes a price discount.

Once they are ready, they will only have to choose the “Delivery in the garage” option on to receive orders inside their garages.

In addition, from the Key by Amazon application they will also be able to know the status of their garage doors. And they will even have the possibility of opening or closing them remotely.

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