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Why all big companies are focused on digital advertising?

As happened with Google and Facebook, Amazon has gone on to become a mega generator of advertising profits worldwide. Already in 2018 it was placed in the third place among these platforms and this year everything indicates that it will continue to advance.

The digital advertising figures worldwide showed that between Google and Facebook the profits obtained in 2018 reached 76.57 billion dollars. A total that represented 61 percent of this sector in the network.

What about Amazon?

In the case of Amazon, during the past year, the percentage was 4.1 percent, ($ 3,388.00 billing) the same that placed him in third place and that according to estimates will increase this year to reach an investment per part of the advertisers of 11,330 million dollars in the online sales giant during 2019.

We will have an Amazon Advertising itself?

The reasons for this to be, would be associated with several causes, such as the merger under a single platform called Amazon Advertising, of the business units responsible for its online advertising (Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon Media Group and Amazon Advertising Platform).

Other influences

Likewise, having its own DSP (Demand Side Platform), with which to buy ads on websites that are not those of its ecosystem, would also be influencing this growth, as well as the buyers’ data, which are more accurate than the ‘preferences’ with which Google or Facebook has.

The war of the great ones of online advertising only seems to be beginning…

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