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Amazon’s marketing strategies: Here’s all you need to know if you are an entrepreneur

The retail giant has announced the launch of Amazon Moments, a new tool with which companies can reward their customers with physical or digital gifts from the marketplace.

The use of gifts as a reward to consumers is a fairly common technique in traditional marketing strategies, however it has been somewhat difficult to apply this action in eCommerce, especially in the world of mobile applications.

This is about to change with Amazon Moments, the service that will allow developers to reward their users by increasing engagement and boosting online purchases.

How Amazon Moments works

Amazon Moments is a multiplatform tool that will be delivered as an API. With it marketing professionals can create campaigns aimed at promoting a specific action, and when a user completes an action, will offer rewards to the client in the form of digital and physical products available on Amazon. Something like a cashback model, but in which what the user gets always comes out of the Jeff Bezos eCommerce.

Amazon itself has tried to explain in detail how this new tool works. So, for example, if a developer of fitness apps knew that users who complete 30 workouts during a certain period of time are more likely to become paid users, Amazon Moments could be encouraged to reach this milestone by offering them a reward.

In this sense, Andy Jennings, User Acquisition Manager of the video game developer PerBlue explained a success story in the use of Moments: “We tested Amazon Moments and were impressed with the return: we multiplied the net margin by 6.8 after offering The players were worth 5 dollars if they reached level 15 in the game. The integration was simple and fast. ”

In any case, Amazon itself explains that the best thing that has worked so far as a reward are physical products, not discounts or gift checks. Thus, the most popular rewards so far are electronic products and toys.

An Amazon Moments marketing campaign consists of three basic steps:

  • Set the action or moment you want the user to complete, choose a product or reward package and integrate the API
  • Users get involved and complete the action within your app or website
  • Amazon delivers the reward to the user

Campaigns are available to send to Amazon users in more than 100 countries and the Amazon Moments price is structured according to a cost-per-share model. “Advertisers will only pay when an action is taken,” Amazon’s head of marketing and innovation for the consumer, Amir Kabbara, said.

“Moments eliminates the complexity for developers by integrating reward programs into a simple, self-service console that allows marketers to quickly set their campaigns without worrying about the reward source, management or logistics,” Kabbara said at the launch. of Amazon Moments.

All the benefits of a loyalty campaign without the execution challenges

Some apps and important companies have tried Amazon Moments with good results so far, among which are TikTok, Washington Post and Sony.

In this way, Amazon will do the heavy lifting by providing an API that is able to track users’ actions in real time, while not requiring companies to share customer data, and according to the results shown. by the retail giant, developers take less than a week to integrate this tool into their app or website.

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