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Apple joins music startup for talent marketing: A new chapter between companies and startups

The British music startup Platoon specializes in the marketing of talent in the music field. After there were rumors in the industry about a possible takeover, finally also expressed several British newspapers. At the end of last week it was announced that Apple is actually taking over the company. However, the exact plan Apple is pursuing with Platoon is currently not clear.

About Platoon

Apple would take over Platoon. Currently, the music startup headquarters is in London, where 12 employees work for Platoon. The concept of the company does not sound new, at least in general. Basically, Platoon has a plan to discover emerging young artists early and by establishing contacts with well-known labels and producers to succeed.

What plan does Apple have with Platoon?

What exactly Apple intends to do with the British company, however, is difficult to say. Quite often, for example, also on Facebook before that certain companies are bought mainly because of the interesting employees. These are thus after the acquisition, at least indirectly employees of Apple. On the other hand, Apple has been using iTunes in the past to provide less known artists with a platform to enhance their success. So far, all in all, these plans have not worked very well. But with Platoon you could now go in a similar direction. So it remains to be seen what will happen to Platoon in the future and what plans Apple is pursuing with the company.

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