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Apple spends more than $30 million on AWS per month

The cloud is that storage service that does not require a physical support to the user, but is stored on the internet. However, those data do have to be stored in a series of servers. In the case of Apple and the data related to users iCloud accounts. The company is making an important effort to create its own field of servers. Until all that is ready, Apple must use servers from other companies, such as Amazon Web Services.

Apple spent more than 30 million dollars on Amazon servers

A recent report by CNBC showed data about the figures that Apple would have been investing in renting servers from Amazon Web Services, known by its abbreviation AWS. According to these same, the firm led by Tim Cook would have paid more than 30 million dollars.

The reason that Apple has made an investment of this magnitude is none other than to offer a cloud storage service quality to its users through iCloud. Not surprisingly Amazon servers are the most prestigious and other recognized companies also invest large amounts in them.

It has also been known that Apple would be trying to increase its investment, even more, in AWS. Proof of this was an offer of employment that was published in February and in which a professional was required to direct and design our growing footprint in AWS.

The same CNBC report includes these moves by Apple as part of the company’s recent strategy to improve its services. In this way, without neglecting devices such as the iPhone, the company believes that it can really excel above its competitors by betting on quality services such as the aforementioned cloud storage.

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