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Berlin Fintech now worth around 150 million Euros

No question, with many German fintechs the public presence goes beyond the real meaning clearly. All the better that today we have a financial startup for you, where the opposite is the case, namely the largely unknown Berlin B2B player Mambu.

As reported, the fintech that was founded in 2011 – at that time still in Stuttgart – had recently collected a whopping 30 million euros from investors. In the meantime, the capital increase has been entered in the commercial register, and there you can see.

The newly issued company shares account for just 18.9% of the share capital, which results in a theoretical post-money valuation of just under EUR 160 million (assuming the 30 Million euros have really flowed completely into the company).

In other words, the provider of cloud-based core banking tools (whose clients include N26) is now the most valuable local B2B fintech behind Solarisbank. And also noteworthy.

The cap table is mostly German – and Commerzbank always holds almost 9% of the shares.

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