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Best Alternative APIs To IPinfo In 2022

Are you searching for an alternative to IPinfo? Then, you should keep reading this article and take a look at these top three options.

Do you have a blog or a website? Have you ever researched where your visitors come from? Maybe you’re an internet marketer who wants to know where your customer’s origins. Or perhaps you simply want to understand more about the people who visit your website. 

Knowing which country, state, and city your site visitors are from is quite valuable, particularly if you want to sell a product or service to specific sites or countries. If this is the case, a geolocation API based on IP addresses should be used.

IPinfo, which was founded in 2013 by former Facebook engineer Ben Dowling, prides itself on being the most trustworthy, accurate, and comprehensive source of IP address data accessible. To create their bespoke IP geolocation, company, carrier, and IP type data sets, they process gigabytes of data.

You may use IPinfo to track your users’ whereabouts, personalize their experiences, prevent fraud, assure compliance, and much more. In addition, they manage 12 billion API calls per month for more than 100,000 organizations and developers.

However, you should be aware that not all of these tools work in the same way, and that utilizing IPinfo may not always be the best option. If IPinfo does not provide satisfactory results, you should attempt one of the following three programs:

1- IpXapi

IpXapi is a great and handy tool for identifying IP addresses and detecting geolocation. It’s a free tool for tracking website visitors that work with JSON, PHP, and Python.

It supports over 2 million distinct locations in over 200.000 cities all over the world. The IP statistics on this website are fairly precise thanks to its database and API. It’s connected to a number of well-known Internet service providers (ISPs), who routinely supply data on new and existing IP ranges. The API’s database is routinely updated, with up to 24 database changes each day, because ipXapi is linked to so many channels that offer real-time IP data.

2- Ipregistry

With a pay-as-you-go payment option, Ipregistry maintains a superb balance of price and high functionality. You may rapidly integrate it without worrying about performing too many queries because its API in JSON and XML formats is very scalable.

Also, IPregistry has an excellent reputation because of its enterprise-grade API for IP Geolocation and Threat Intelligence. Its infrastructure is spread across several data centers across the world, and it processes millions of requests each day. Their technology can easily accommodate an increase in the number of requests if you foresee it.

3- Ipstack

Ipstack is a real-time IP geolocation API that can pinpoint the exact location of your website’s visitors. You can instantly download the data in JSON or XML format for easy inspection and processing when you’re ready.

The database of the Ipstack API is updated daily, with up to 24 database revisions per day, and it is linked to many channels that give real-time IP data.

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