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Best Alternative to Goldapi: Get Updated Gold Prices for Your Business

Read this article and find out the best alternative to Goldapi. Get updated on gold prices now!

Best Alternative to Goldapi: Get Updated Gold Prices for Your Business

Gold is a deep yellow metal that has long served as a way of representing value in different civilizations, a characteristic that is still in force today. It is characterized by its high resistance to corrosion, its malleability, ductility and for being very bright. It is found in nature in the form of specks and nuggets, very often linked to other metals.

One of the most common applications for gold today is that which has to do with electronics. This is due, to a large extent, to the great electrical conduction capacity that metal has. This situation gave rise to some ventures consisting of trying to recycle electronic waste, trying to get hold of the amounts of gold found in these disused devices.

About Goldapi

This industry-leading Precious Metals Data Feed API for Gold (XAU), Silver (XAG), Platinum (XPT), and Palladium (XPD) supports on-demand real-time spot prices along with price summary data, intraday tick, and historical closing prices for charting, all derived from Global Exchanges and Futures trading markets.

Designed and built specifically for the Bullion Precious Metals market by financial market data experts. Eliminate the pains, complexity, and costs of legacy data feed that contain way more data than you need at price points that reflect the firehose of data and avoid the ultra-cheap, too-good-to-be-true, unlicensed data sources that lure you in, only to leave you dead in the water when it matters most.

With all of this in mind, you should now have a better understanding of Goldapi. However, if you want to discover a solid alternative to it, you should be aware that there are several APIs for gold rates that you may use.

To assist you, we have compiled the best alternative to look for gold rates for free:


Best Alternative to Goldapi: Get Updated Gold Prices for Your Business

Metals-API is a piece of software that gives reliable and up-to-date information on any precious metal in any currency. The free plan’s data is refreshed every hour and has a two-decimal point accuracy. In this case, you will also receive 50 API calls every month. When you buy an annual package, you will get more API calls and data per minute.

Every minute, our platform pulls data from over 15 credible data sources. Banks and financial data providers are among them. As a result, you will receive incredibly precise pricing. offers current market prices for precious metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, platinum, and palladium.


Get rates for XAG in Canadian dollar with an API –

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