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Best Alternatives To MetalPriceAPI

Check out some of the very best alternatives to the MetalPriceAPI which can also get data on metals and more. Read this article and learn about all the options available.

MetalPriceAPI is one of the best known APIs for metal data and information. It works to provide users a steady flow of information and details that can help navigate the metal market. Commonly, many companies of finance or metal use APIs like MetalPriceAPI and similar ones.

Speaking of similar ones, did you happen to know there are some very good alternatives to MetalPriceAPI? Indeed they are, some even better than it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First; why is an API that searches for metal data important?

APIs which work to provide information and data on metal rates and prices are quite useful. They help traders get better deals and gain insight on how the market state is in. Furthermore, a lot of API for metals can integrate smoothly with programming languages which helps with even further automatization and speeding up the workflow.

Which Of The Following Are The Best Alternatives To MetalPriceAPI?

While surfing the web to get a few options out may seem tempting, it can also be a dull task. Luckily, here are a few pre-selected APIs which are of high-quality service and work great for anyone looking to find a replacement for MetalPriceAPI.

Metals API

It is known as being among the most helpful APIs for extracting metal statistics. Metals API offers a simple, yet sophisticated and effective system. It can provide reliable and precise data on actual metal prices, currency fluctuations, all-time up and downs, diagnostic data, and many other factors. This can provide you with a more thorough insight of the metal trade.

If you’re curious how well it works, Metals API processes queries, or calls, from your operating system and then gives you back a response with the asked data. This site, like APIs, helps with data interchange and makes it easier to access. Endpoints within the queries are what the API receive and works with. The Documentation Page lists all of the potential endpoints and displays any parameters that must be filled out for better data output.

Lastly, lets point out that if you want to connect to the API endpoints; you must have a registered account with a specific Access Key. Then, with this key you can access the various endpoints and retrieve the API response. Your account receives approximately 50 calls every month. Nonetheless, Metals API offers numerous choices for upgrading and, as a result, receiving more calls and even optimizing status update timings.


While it appears to be relatively basic, GoldAPI is not lacking in efficiency. The ability to look for real-time and historical information on gold and silver values is undoubtedly beneficial. GoldAPI doesn’t need to shine or call any attention; it’s a compact and minimal, but efficient and reliable system. You can go to the main page and complete the 30-second process to obtain your account and begin using it!


Last but not least; Kitco is a dynamic and powerful website that serves for many ends. It offers precise data ranging from metals and pricing to mining data and much more. Also, it counts with a section for finance and economic news as well as forums. It effectively works as a sort of hub for you to interact and learn from others.

However, it can be a maze to navigate through at the beginning. But, after you start using it, you’ll realize how simple and quick it is. Sign up for the site to gain access to significant metal statistics and charts such as gold, silver, bronze,nickel, and others.

Check out all of these options which are the best alternatives for MetalPriceAPI and see which of them is the right fit for you!

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