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Best Apilayer Aviationstack Alternatives In 2022.

This article will tell you about Aviationstack API alternatives. Whether you don’t feel confident with this API or want to try something new, you shouldn’t be worried. After all, there are tons of similar alternatives to this. 

Now, APIs that update you on your flight status, history of the airline, and more are starting to be more common. Why? Because the market has realized people want details about their flight. Not just the day and time. Also, they want to understand the airline’s background, old customer experiences, and more. People also want tranquility and comfort. Being able to be aware of any possible changes that were not planned through an API gives them that.

Therefore, you probably have started to see that most booking apps and airline software give you real-time information about the flight of the customer. I will assure you this company uses APIs to extract that information. It’s the easiest and most accurate way.

Aviationstack provides extensive flight data and worldwide coverage. This API is built on top of scalable cloud infrastructure, capable of handling any volume. From thousands of requests per month to millions per minute. This is a game-changer API. One of the best ones out there. Of course, this is not the only one. If you’re searching for alternatives to this API, I have the best ones for you: 


Flightlabs is a REST API for real-time flight status, airports, schedules, and more. This API has a powerful infrastructure: 250+ countries coverage, and can track information of 13.000+ airlines. Pretty amazing right? 

Whether you’re building a booking platform, visualizing and monitoring global flights, or creating flight tracking application you will be able to take advantage of this API. After all, Flightlabs is built on a scalable cloud architecture that can handle any traffic.


Airlabs provides reliable and accurate aviation data. It has essential databases and worldwide flight coverage. Its infrastructure is based on the popular formats JSON, XML, CSV, and simple access by API Key.

Flight Info OAG

Flight Info API from OAG enables customers to have direct, near real-time access to the full spectrum of schedules and status data that OAG holds, allowing them to confidently view or present current schedules. Query both schedules and status information within one API. Perfect for Search & Booking Systems, Airports, Hospitality, and Border Security and Management.

With all these three APIs you are ready to book your next flight!

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