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Best APIs To Get Flight Data Of Eastar Jet Airlines

Are you a software developer? Do you work for a travel agency or a flight company? In this article, you are going to find first-hand information to contribute to your business growth with the best APIs to get Flight Data!  

Software development is the best area for workers right now. Analytics said that 2022 will be the Artificial Intelligence year. This would be a great opportunity to incorporate this kind of technology into websites and integrate APIs. Furthermore, building a program that connects data from different sources is especially beneficial for aviation companies.

Also, the ‘industry of the air’ is now in its hottest moment. While we are slowly leaving the COVID-19 pandemic behind, tourism has begun to increase. We can fly anywhere, anytime. But what happens when there is turbulence or a plane turns aside from its route? Or when an airport closes its door for a crisis? We must know this information for our client’s safety and to provide a better service. That’s why we brought here a piece of advice about how to improve airlines like Eastar Jets.

Best APIs To Get Flight Data

Eastar Jets is a low-cost South-Korean aircraft that operates on Seul, the largest city on the island. It serves 14 worldwide destinations in 8 countries using a scheduled passenger network. We can see Gimpo International Airport, Jeju International Airport, and Incheon International Airport as their principal hubs.     

Why is good codifying software that collects a lot of data about flights and airports?

Because the flight industry would need to track different aspects of its performance. In the near future, you could offer applications that show a map of your airplane route while you are flying. Information gives power, it is said. And customers want more due to managing different situations in a better way.  

You already know how APIs work, right? If not, don’t worry, we can review it. An application Programming Interface is a kind of software that sends information from one source to another. It’s like a bridge, but made with code and transports technical data. They can be integrated with most websites but you have to use a key and, for that, it’s essential to have an account.

There are many options for an Aviation Data API online but in the next paragraphs we made a quick sum-up of the faster and complete ones:

Best APIs To Get Flight Data

Flight Labs

This API allows you to find useful, free, and live data for aviation schedules, airport status, airline ranking, and more! With worldwide coverage, you will track any plane from its departure to its arrival. There is no need to download any software, it’s simple and cost-effective.

Flight Labs works online and in language programs like JSON, Phyton, Node.js, jQuery, Go, and Ruby. If you need it for personal use, you will have 100 calls per month (airplane communications), real-time flights, airlines & airports, and current schedules. If you need more attributes, they have affordable plans for commercial purposes. Using an API like this you won’t have any delay on data anymore!

Aviation Stack

It’s a scalable API that has airport timetables and flight tracker features. You will find worldwide coverage of airplane types, cities, countries, and even aviation taxes. You could access full flight data, and real-time flights, and have a personal license to operate.   

If you need more real-time information you could also search for historical inputs to compare and analyze. You can start using Aviation Stack with a free account and do over 100 requests per month. Need more features? They have low-cost subscription plans! And you can customize it too, to meet your enterprise needs.   

Aviation Edge

The third option is Aviation Edge which has flight checkers (geography, speed, airline, and more), schedules, records, and statistics. We can also find air routes, nearby airports, databases, forms prediction, and a satellite tracker! 

You can subscribe to the API platform or just download rosters. They will include IATA and ICAO codes, airplane registration and delivery, production, owner particulars, and aircraft details. Sign up for free and have all the information your company has to know at glance. 

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