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Best Free Email Marketing Templates For B2B Companies

Are you in a B2B company? Then you should check the templates this email marketing tool has to offer!

B2B email marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending email campaigns to companies rather than individuals. It allows you, through work email, to engage sales prospects, educate them about your goods, and turn them into marketing qualified leads for the sales team.

If you execute it correctly, B2B email marketing increases engagement, leads, conversions and income. Hence, great content is vital to B2B emails. And email design will help convey it clearly while attracting your audience.

Best Free Email Marketing Templates For B2B Companies

Email marketing services can give you a hand to excel at the task. They don’t only deliver a mass of emails to multiple recipients at once. They provide value to your prospects, segment your audience, maintain email lists, conduct promotions, send bulk email blasts, assure email deliverability, perform email automation, measure metrics. And, yes. They also present email templates.

Therefore, an email marketing tool can be crucial for your B2B marketing strategy. For that reason, we will focus on an excellent email marketing software that gives away the best templates and more for B2B email marketing campaigns.


Postr is well aware of the difficulties of creating HTML emails:  the tables, the confusing client support, and the inline CSS. As a result, it gives out 20 of the best responsive HTML email templates for free to optimise emails. You may personalise them to fit your business and increase conversions.

Best Free Email Marketing Templates For B2B Companies

You can even customise these layouts to suit purposes that traditional email marketing tools don’t allow: adult content, cryptocurrencies, B2B casinos, gambling websites, CBD brands, pharmaceutical products, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

But Postr‘s world doesn’t only spin around customisation. It focuses on high deliverability by ensuring every single email sent gets to the customer’s inbox on time. That way, none of your messages will roam the cyberspace.

Furthermore, Postr is committed to expanding your audience at an affordable budget. You only have to pay for what you send without worrying about extra costs so you can email more. However, if you want to try the service for free, you can do it by creating an account. Through that action, you can start crafting your campaigns –with complete control over the designs and no brand watermarks included. You can deliver 1,000 emails monthly to a list of up to 200 subscribers.

Now that you have access to these templates, you can create captivating B2B emails.

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