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Best Alternatives To Mailchimp In Canada

Do you want to connect with current or potential customers in Canada? This article will tell you more than Mailchimp alternatives!

Email marketing has proven to help businesses keep in touch and create relationships with their customers. This practice does it by sending a mass of messages regarding content, services or products that have the power of increasing sales and revenue. However, one must never forget to offer relevant information to the receiver. Otherwise, the email can be marked as spam.

Every company thinking about implementing email marketing for Canadian recipients should take the problem seriously. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is a law that applies to any electronic messages (emails, texts) sent concerning “commercial activity”. Its most essential trait is that it compels Canadian and international organisations to transmit commercial electronic communications (CEMs) inside, from, or to Canada to get subscribers’ agreement before sending messages.

Best Alternatives To Mailchimp In Canada

Many enterprises rely on Mailchimp to develop and deliver compelling emails that reach the correct individuals, improve connections, and generate profits and growth. Signup forms, audiences, and campaigns are all included in the service, which might assist you in meeting the CASL criteria.

Nevertheless, other email marketing options allow you to personalise data according to your target audience. We bring you some of the best alternatives to Mailchimp for your business to implement in Canada.


Best Alternatives To Mailchimp In Canada

For starters, Postr meets the GDPR, the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks requirements. Not to mention it comes with a quick, legible guide to achieving an effective, CASL-friendly email marketing that avoids spam. And it even tracks your audience engagement, so you can provide more of what your contacts want and less of what they don’t.

What’s more, Postr is devoted to aiding you to save time and money by providing you with free, easy-to-use HTML templates that are all available at an affordable price, regardless of your enterprise’s industry. This solution assures that every email you send is delivered, even when the content, service, or product is related to adult content, gambling websites, online casinos, cryptocurrencies, cannabis, etc.


Best Alternatives To Mailchimp In Canada

You can send the correct emails to the right people using ActiveCampaign. The platform lets you design email newsletters, establish campaigns, and send captivating emails to stay in front of your audience and give them precisely what they want to see. As a result, your emails will feel more personal, and more people will respond to them.

Furthermore, ActiveCampaign enables you to discover and test what works best for your company. Its reports help you determine which emails are performing well and which ones may require some improvement. Then, using basic split testing, you can increase the number of opens, clicks, and purchases from your emails.

Constant Contact

Best Alternatives To Mailchimp In Canada

If you want to learn more about your audience, segment contacts, and develop stronger client connections that increase sales, Constant Contact can assist you. Its CRM capabilities can generate sales and communicate with customers by saving all of your contact data in one place.

Plus, Constant Contact can build social advertisements, track the effectiveness of your social campaigns, change your status, and reply to comments, mentions, and messages. Afterwards, you may analyse how well your emails, social marketing, signup forms, and event registrations function and make minor adjustments to improve outcomes.

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