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Best Strategies To Locate IP Addresses In 2022

If you want to obtain an IP address location, you need to read this article!

An IP address is a number assigned to any device that connects to the Internet, such as computers or smartphones. It’s made up of a series of digits that identify any network device. These addresses can be found in a variety of databases on the internet.

These numbers may appear to have nothing to do with our personal information, but they actually disclose a lot about the location of the computer. Your public IP address will be known to a website when you visit it. Users could also see which country it was from, which city it was in, and even its approximate position.

Best Strategies To Locate IP Addresses In 2022

On the other hand, IP tracking apps and websites rarely disclose precise addresses, much less the street or town where the device is located. As a result, below are some of the best APIs for locating IP addresses:

1- IpXapi

Best Strategies To Locate IP Addresses In 2022

IpXapi is a free website monitoring tool that also doubles as a smart geolocation and IP address detection tool. This service gives a high level of accuracy in IP statistics thanks to its database and API. It is connected to a number of well-known Internet service providers (ISPs) who provide regular updates on new and current IP ranges. The API’s database is updated daily, with up to 24 database revisions per day, because ipXapi is linked to several channels that offer real-time IP data.

Also, it supports IPv4 and IPv6, and it includes IP data such as ping response time and location, device type and connection speed, hostname resolution, DNS control, IP network access details, and SSL certificate information, WHOIS name server lookup, and more. You can look through its database at any time to receive a comprehensive picture of IP addresses, cities, and nations.


Best Strategies To Locate IP Addresses In 2022

The IP-API is a simple interface for getting basic geolocation information about an IP address. IP-API, unlike many of the other services on this list, has a 45-request-per-minute rate limit. However, they do provide a bulk endpoint that allows you to handle several IP addresses in a single request.

While the number of servers used to handle requests is unknown, the IP-status API’s page provides information such as uptime (around 100%), latency (15ms on average), and requests per minute (21,322 on average).

3- BigDataCloud

Best Strategies To Locate IP Addresses In 2022

Time zone, nation information, geocoding, and IP geolocation are just a few of the APIs available from BigDataCloud.

BigDataClouds IP Geolocation API returns complete information about the specified IPv4 IP address’s geographical location, ownership, and connectivity. Powered by Next Generation IP Geolocation Technology, which has a patent pending.

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