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Best Travel APIs To Boost Your Online Bookings In 2022

In this article, I will recommend three powerful APIs that will help enhance your online bookings. This way you will end 2022 with the best streak!

If you work for a booking agency, website, or app; if you visualize and provide flight data to clients; or if you work in a comparable field. You know how hard is getting up to date information regarding flights, destinations, airports, and more. Ironically, everything one needs to know to finally book a trip.

This data is hard to get in terms of updated data. For example, aspects that tend to change a lot are prices and schedules. Just to mention a few. Information that is crucial when someone is going to evaluate a possible trip and destination.

Therefore, most people trust booking agencies to help them to choose their trips. This trust can not be unbroken. If this happens your clients won’t be coming back. After all, this is a competitive field on the market. Hence, there are other companies that provide these services. After all, this is how the market works. You must bring something the others don’t in order to shine.

Best Travel APIs To Boost Your Online Bookings In 2022

Travel APIs

Travel APIs will help you with being able to provide your clients with all the information they want. This way they can be satisfied and happy with your services. Of course, you have to be wise with what kind of API you are going to incorporate. Not all of them are able to provide live data and up-to-date data. Don’t you worry, I will now recommend you three amazing travel APIs:

Best Travel APIs To Boost Your Online Bookings In 2022


Flightlabs is a flight data API that allows you to search for flights all around the world and retrieve various types of information, such as the current flight status (canceled, active, delayed, incident). You may also use it to look for flights on a specific date or filter results by airports, airlines, IATA code, ICAO code, and flight number.

You can receive live flight status from any airport and airline in the world with Flighlabs This API’s range is global, thus there are no restrictions. Actually, you can learn more about the airline and airport if you want to. Flightlabs will provide you with historical information, schedules, and much more. 

Best Travel APIs To Boost Your Online Bookings In 2022

Rate Hawk

Rate Hawk has quickly become one of the most popular B2B sector platforms. Thousands of travel agents, tour operators, and corporate clients rely on this API as an innovative and dependable partner.

For both pleasure and business travel, This API provides over 1.7 million lodging options, FIT & group reservations, car rental, transfers, and other travel-related services.

Best Travel APIs To Boost Your Online Bookings In 2022

The Sygic Travel API

This API provides a database of global tourism and travel information. There are almost 20 million locations available from all around the world. The locations are ordered by traveler popularity. Sygic contains information such as location, description, images, entry fees, tags, and opening hours.

With this information, you are ready to boost your online bookings in 2022. Try these powerful APIs and see how much better your platform will perform and how the user experience of your users will improve

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