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Blockchain and crypto in 2019: What are the odds?

A personal talk with Cornelia Stengel.

Your personal conclusion to the blockchain year 2018?

As far as the legal and regulatory side is concerned, the blockchain year 2018 in Switzerland focused on the analysis and classification of new business models and activities based on distributed ledger systems.

For example, the Blockchain Taskforce or Blockchain Federation, FINMA, the Bankers Association and a working group composed of members of various federal agencies (SIF, BJ, FINMA, SNB, Fedpol, FCA and SECO) have developed specific reports and guidelines.

I am convinced that Switzerland, with its good regulatory basis and the interest shown by industry and politics, but also by authorities and legislators in their further development, will establish and develop further as a leading, innovative and sustainable location for FinTech and Blockchain companies becomes.

Focus on Blockchain and Crypto – your expectations for 2019?

Again from a legal perspective, the year 2019 in Switzerland will be very interesting, above all because of the Federal Council’s planned further development of the legal basis for the digital transfer of rights (see the report of the Federal Council of 14 December 2018). I am looking forward to the further exchange in the appropriate expert group of the federation.

Where is the Bitcoin price on December 31, 2019?

It will be higher or lower than it is today, which does not play a role in the development of technology itself, or in the development of applications in the economy or their legal assessment. It is these developments that count.

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