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Brandwatch wants to bring business intelligence into the age of AI

Who can still remember the former TU students Christopher Kahler, Abraham Müller and Gerald Müller? Back then, many years ago, they were one of the startups who worked on their ideas in the now closed Coworking Space sector 5. In addition to MySugr, Soup.io, RailsOnFire later known as Codeship or Blossom, the three of them were working on Qriously around 2010. It is a software that replaces the small ad banners with opinion polls on smartphones.

Now Qriously, who quickly emigrated to London after the start in Vienna, made the exit. The Brandwatch company’s CEO and founder Giles Palmer has struck and taken over an Qriously for unknown amount. Palmer said in a press release that it’s rare to meet people as innovative and energetic as the Qriously team. They found an impressive, technically sound solution to a problem on our own roadmap.

It would be crazy not to do it

The future of market research is 100 percent in combining different data types. Queried and unsolicited social data provide different kinds of insights, and bringing this together provides a 360 degree perspective. The opportunity to develop this approach with Giles Palmer and his team is an opportunity we must embrace. It would be crazy not to do it., Says Christopher Kahler, co-founder and CEO of Qriously

Qriously has received more than $ 6 million in investment since inception, including Accel Partners and Amalfi Capital. With the product that provides insights about its users e.g., through surveys, Qriously has won over Uber, Spotify, Coinbase or Deliveroo as customers. It also attracted attention over and over again in the course of elections, to which quick sentiment surveys were conducted via smartphones.

Integrated with Brandwatch

For Brandwatch, it is the third acquisition after PeerIndex in 2013 and the content marketing platform BuzzSumo in 2017. In 2018, Brandwatch merged with Crimson Hexagon. The company, which has 9 offices worldwide, has Unilever, Walmart and Dellals customers, and has annual revenues of $ 100 million.

Brandwatch intends to bring together the technologies it has developed and acquired, to bring business intelligence into the age of AI. A plan that the firm announced triggered the merger of the two companies and with the acquisition of Qriously continues to drive forward.

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