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Check The Flights of Air Atlanta Icelandic With an API

If you are someone that likes to be notified about their flights. This is the perfect article for you. We will see how to check the flight of airlines with an API. Air Atlanta Icelandic will be the main example.

Air Atlanta Icelandic

Kópavogur, a suburb of the Reikiavik metropolitan area in Iceland, serves as the base for the cargo and charter airline Air Atlanta Icelandic. Its main airport is Keflavik, while it also frequently uses Reikiavik, both of which are close to the capital. I give you a brief description of this airline because of the following example.

Let’s say you live in Iceland and want to travel to Teheran, Miami, Oslo, Amsterdam, or more. But, you want to have total control over your flight, and see which flights are arriving, and taking off. This can be difficult to get because we all know flights are constantly changing their status. Well, if you use a flight data API you do not have to be taken by surprise. 

On top of that, if you want to track certain flights from Air Atlanta Icelandic because you have a loved one in it. With flight data APIs you can do so.  You do not have to be the one on the plane to want to get information from the flight.


On another hand, if you rely on websites that give your this information you should go for companies and services that apply these APIs. If not, you are probably not receiving updated information. This is why all airlines, airports, and agencies should incorporate flight APIs into their services.


If you have arrived here and do not understand quite well what APIs do. I will explain it to you. APIs are application programming interfaces that get information from big sets of data and give you just the one you desire. As a consequence, you do not have to perform the task of looking at that information by yourself.

Evidently, in this case, you would be interested in Flight Data APIs. These ones will provide you with all kinds of information. For instance, the schedule of airlines and airports, door gates,  and of course the live flight status of airlines. To carry out this task I recommend Flightlabs


You may look up airplanes, destinations, and airline companies from all over the entire globe by using a flight data API called Flightlabs. This Class provides you access to a wide range of data, including some of the most recent flight statuses (canceled, active, delayed, incident). You can use this to look up flights on a specific period or classify outcomes by characteristics like airports, airlines, IATA codes, ICAO codes, and flight numbers.

You shouldn’t have to be simply not able to discover the airport and destination of your selection as Flightlabs provides global coverage. The good news is that Flightlabs ensures you can track practically whatever you want, anytime you want.

Also, this API is perfect whether you are a simple passenger or actually work with the API. No matter the case you will be beneficiated from the speed and accuracy that characterizes Flightlabs.

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