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Cobalt news during the Ukrainian war for free with an API

Do you find obstacles to getting Cobalt rates during the Ukrainian conflict? Well, with an API, everything will be easy! Take a look!

The volatility of international prices of raw materials of mineral origin occupies the world scene. One of the variables is the invasion of the Ukrainian territory. Several reasons determine the constant change in its values: the redirection of its use for internal needs, and the impossibility of transporting it. Today the Black Sea is one of the epicentres of the conflict. In 2021, Russia contributed 4% of the world’s cobalt production. But nowadays, it is incapable of sending that production to Europe and other continents due to the ongoing conflict. Russia occupies second place in the cobalt world production; only surpassed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with an output that reached 100,000 tons, according to statistics from 2019.

This blue coloured metal is the principal component of electronic products. Besides, it has its chapter on the actions against climate change since it’s a necessary element in the rechargeable batteries to feed electronic automobiles.

Both war and the ecological utilization of cobalt increase their demand worldwide, with a consequent fluctuation in its price. The two variables mentioned here make using an API essential to keep you informed.

Get Cobalt news with an API as Metals-API

This API’s identity claims simplicity and quick information. Its list of precious metals and world currencies is long, counting more than a hundred-fifty currencies in its database. Additionally, there are historical rates data from the last nineteen years.

Another signature of Metals-API is in the accurate data it offers. Due to the sixteen sources in permanent consult, where banks and other financial entities contribute to building a reasonable response.

And one last feature, in front of any trouble or doubt, there’s a group available to give you support from 9 am to 6 pm, by phone or chat.

To get Cobalt news with Metals-API, follow this path:

  1. Copy this link on the web. 
  2. Open an account for yourself and save it somewhere safe. 
  3. Tap into the ‘Symbols’ option and pick up the ones corresponding to your quest.
  4. Make an API call with them, typing the metals you want to use in the symbol box and the selected currency in the base currency section.

A safe service with Metals-API

In this new world, we need passwords for almost everything. A recurring phenomenon is the theft of personal information that is very sensitive. Therefore, this API requests very little personal information and encrypts it so that it is difficult to violate your privacy. It also hides the specifics of your queries. No client can access them.

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