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Create A YouTube Channel With Temporary Emails

Do you want to create a platform to publish your multimedia content without giving any personal information? If that is the case, read to the end, because here we will tell you how to create a YouTube Channel with temporary emails. 

As a content creator, an influencer or even a blogger, you may be needing a platform that allows you to publish the videos you want to share with your audience. By this time, you are surely aware that YouTube is the best social media to publish long multimedia contents. 

Nevertheless, you may already know that to create a channel on this network, you are required of a Gmail address account. This leads to give away important personal information, such as your real name and photo. Besides, your email inbox can get clogged with verification emails or irrelevant messages.  

All these are the reasons why frequently some content creators or influencers leave behind the idea of opening a YouTube channel, with all that that implies. Nowadays, if you want to reach a large audience, you undoubtedly cannot quite to this video sharing service. 

However, you should know that you can create a Youtube channel with temporary emails. What are those? They are disposable email accounts that you can use for different proposes, such as creating profiles on social media network. After a set period of time that depends on the provider, they will expire, as their inbox content.

So, when YouTube requires an email account to create a channel, you can easily enter a temporary one, and you will be able to do it anyway. Now, there is a slew of internet free services that let you set up throwaway email just in one minute. Fortunately for you, we have done a little research and finally found the best of them: Mailet


Mailet is a powerful temporary email address generator that can help you create as many accounts as you need. Besides, the incoming email they will receive can be redirected to any account you want, so you can read it safely. 

This temporary email API was developed to help users all over the world to set up disposable email addresses in order to prevent them from singing up in different websites with their personal information. 

This API allows you to create temporary email addresses that expire in one hour. Furthermore, if you sing up for Mailet, you will be able to get its free service for three days before upgrading to the Basic or Pro plan. This platform allows you to have up to 100 different email addresses, and check at their inboxes from its dashboard or UI.

How To Use It

Although it sounds more difficult than it really is, its user-friendly design result really handy and quickly. In order to help you make the best experience by trying it, we will tell you the steps you need to follor. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address to create an account.
  3. See which temporary email address you are given.
  4. Use it as you wish, for example, to create a YouTube channel.

Now you already know how to create a YouTube channel with temporary email accounts, you only need to start using Mailet and prove its benefits by yourself!

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