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Best Text To Speech Tools With Realistic Voices

In this article, we talk about the Best Text To Speech Tools that converts digital text into realistic voices. This software is very common these days and can improve the way people interact with websites. Continue reading to understand how they work and what you can do to start acquiring their benefits. 

Text to speech is a relatively new technology that is very common and you can see it on the entire Internet. In other words, it’s the software that transforms this text you are reading and makes it fluent audio. The clue is speech synthesis, a smart code that identifies letters and relates them to specific sounds. It works with all the languages and has a lot of cool features you can take advantage of.

This kind of service offers a free trial but the most important thing is the high quality of their voices. If you make a sample and then you hear it, you won’t notice that it is an artificial intelligence speaking. That’s the level of sound definition they have! In the editor, you will modify intonation, pitch, pauses, nuance and, rhythm to make them more human-like. In the next paragraphs, we introduce you to three of the best tools: Woord, Speechelo, and Flixier.

Best Text To Speech Tools With Realistic Voices

Best Text To Speech Tools With Realistic Voices


Like all the applications we review in this post, Woord imitates human voices perfectly. Its pronunciation can be so precise that you will understand the words at first hearing. You can choose between 20 languages and more than 50 different voices. Also, you can choose the gender: it has male, female and neutral. 

Another great thing about this software is that you would download the audio in MP3 format. So if you want to listen to it when you haven’t got an internet connection, you can do it comfortably. The extension for Google Chrome is available too. You will have to create a free account to explore more details and play with all the possibilities. Woord could be a great partner in any project you start with!

Best Text To Speech Tools With Realistic Voices


This is a good choice too if you are full of things to do and want a warmer voice to read it. Put any text you like to try in the tester bar and in a few seconds, you will have your audio finished! You could add inflections to your tone and it could be normal, serious, or joyful. 

The voices of Speechelo are so realistic that whatever the language or the expressions you select, the result will be simply amazing. You will have access to 23 different options and over 30 human-sounding voices. Make better voiceovers with one of this incredible Text To Speech Tools!

Best Text To Speech Tools With Realistic Voices


The last option is Flixier, a speech generator that you can use to hear any content like a podcast or a radio program. It has more than 10 languages and a wider library. If later you want to embed it into a video creator app, it has a lot of clever tools for you to try.

All you need to do is to create a free account and then listen to a preview. Later, you can add it to any media you want to. Because it uses an AI base, most of the voices sound like real human speech. Give Flixier a free try and probe the voices for yourself!

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