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Digitization: AZEK launches a course on the «Chartered Financial Data Scientist»

Anyone who is fit to deal with complex data structures and programs is in demand on the job market.

Financial experts in Switzerland can now specifically acquire these competences with the new course from AZEK to Chartered Financial Data Scientist (CFDS). The jobs created by digitization generally require a higher level of education. This is also reflected in the financial sector.

Financial institutions are increasingly recruiting mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists. Crucial to these new job profiles are the interest and affinity for the digital transformation and its implementation in an organization. Increasingly large volumes of data and more complex data structures must be processed. Whether in data analysis, processing or forecasting, finance professionals have to deal with large amounts of data and increasingly have knowledge of common programming languages.

«He who brings these technical and analytical skills is in great demand in the market»,

emphasizes Andreas Jacobs, CEO of the training center AZEK, which is launching tailor-made training as Chartered Financial Data Scientist. Not only young tech-savvy employees are addressed. Even at higher levels of the hierarchy, finance professionals increasingly have to deal with digitization in order to professionally address and implement technological transformation.

In view of the rapid development, for example in the area of Artificial Intelligence with learning algorithms, the knowledge has to be kept up-to-date. The course is conducted in cooperation with the German Financial Analysts Association (DVFA) and is chaired by Dr. Damian Borth, Director of Deep Learning Competence Center & Head of Multimedia Analysis & Data Mining at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) ), as well as Dr. Andreas Hoepner, Professor of Operational Risk, Banking and Finance at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and the Lochlann Quinn School of Business University College Dublin (UCD).

The course will be held in Zurich and Frankfurt, includes various presence, online and workshop modules and will start in mid-March 2019. The exams will take place in June. The course concludes with the presentation of individual project work in October. Those who book early benefit from striking discounts.

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