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This is What the New Google WiFi Router has to Offer

One of the most recommended routers to use in homes is Google WiFi. The Mountain View company is already working on a new model that will offer very interesting additions.

The design of the current Google WiFi router is one of its great successes since it is very pleasant to see. But, undoubtedly, what makes it completely different is that it offers a superior performance level. It offers a wide range of options including Dual Band and QoS. Additionally, with a really simple configuration through an application for smartphones that combines the QR code included in the accessory, it’s all set to start using it. The case is that a new version of this product is expected to be announced this year 2019.

What can we Expect from this New Google WiFi Router? 

Some of the great novelties that the new Google WiFi will offer are the new options designed for devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, it will optimize its operation in smart homes to manage wearables accessories directly. To achieve this, a new Qualcomm chipset will be used, where the QSC404 used to be in its predecessor.

Another inclusion that seems viable is Bluetooth connectivity. It will allow the new router to be a connection option for devices such as sound bars or the aforementioned wearables accessories. Thus, these will access the Internet without having to use a smartphone. Additionally, a slot for microSD cards and a USB port will be included so that Google WiFi behaves as a multimedia center, accessible by users and movies or other types of files can be shared globally in the network.

The internal name of the new Google WiFi is Mistral. It will come with improvements both the power of the internal antennas and the stability of the connections, all to increase the coverage offered by the device. The device, by the way, does not seem that it will change its design much. 

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