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Discover How Much The Lumber Prices In Australian Dollars

Would you like to get the lumber prices for the official currency of Australia? If that is your case, we recommend you read this post!

Wood is a raw material of plant origin. It is found in the trunks of trees, which grow each year, forming rings in the trunk. These circles or rings in the wood are called grains and each tree has unique grains. Since the beginning of human history, wood has always been one of the most used commodities, even today it still continues to be.

This is due to its important characteristics, which make it an excellent product. For example, it is a sound conductor, a good thermal and electrical insulator, it is a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material and, in addition, it is tenacious, ductile, malleable and has some flexibility. However, because forests take a long time to regenerate, indiscriminate felling of trees can cause them to disappear. For this reason, the exploitation of this raw material must be done without exceeding the limits of the forests.

Currently its main uses are: as a fuel (main energy source mainly in less developed countries to obtain heat and cook food), in construction, structures, enclosures, carpentry, boats and to obtain paper. That is why, if you have an industry in Australia that requires lumber, the best thing you could do is check its prices in Commodities-API.

Discover How Much The Lumber Prices In Australian Dollars

Why Commodities-API?

Commodities-API is an API, that is, Application Programming Interface and is based on a set of definitions and protocols that have the purpose of integrating systems and facilitating communication between software applications. This website is designed to collect information and keep you up to date on the prices of a wide variety of commodities, including rubber, rice, coffee, corn, sugar, wheat, crude oil, and of course, what brought us here, lumber. All this, with a precision of two decimal places and updates every 60 seconds.

If you are from Australia, you will be able to see the prices in the official currency of that country. This is due to its convertibility system between more than 170 currencies from around the world.

Today, this service is used by many developers, SMEs, and large organizations. For example, companies like Barrick Gold, Metex, Jewelers Mutual use this service. Lumber information is provided by more than 15 companies, such as financial data providers and banks.

The price of Commodities-API depends on your needs. If you need hourly lumber prices, you’ll most likely need to buy the basic or pro plan ($15 and $50 per month). On the contrary, if your needs are few, surely the free plan is the best option for you!

Discover How Much The Lumber Prices In Australian Dollars

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