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Find out more about sentiment analysis for texts

Have you ever read about sentiment analysis for texts? Do you know what its usefulness is? Here is a guide that will help you!

Lately, it is very demanded in the area of customer service. Through sentiment analysis is possible to obtain the mood from clients’ responses regarding the utilization of certain products. Consequently, companies can reformulate marketing strategies.

The truth is verbal behaviour analysis isn’t something new. Without going further, how many years have the police and investigators been using this kind of mechanism to find the responsible for several crimes? They have been using it for decades. Over the last years, this tool became part of the redaction improvements to make more intensive studies regarding the personal marks of any authors you need.

Many of these new platforms, software and APIs have between their features details or new functions to accomplish a complete makeover of your writings, which now include sentiment analysis. The sentiment analysis may be one of the most avant-gardes advancements regarding paraphrasing APIs and other platforms. Besides, it saves you a lot of time reading cautiously by detecting patrons in the text elaborations.

Find out more about sentiment analysis for texts

Find sentiment analysis for texts in Plaraphy

Accordingly, to the landing page of its website, this API also has a web platform. Above all, it is new incorporation of the multiple paraphrasing and writing offers available on the internet.

Maybe, its landmark is the simplicity of its operation. That is why it is also highly recommended. In the same way, the sentiment analysis option works: if you want to try it first for free, look for and see with your own eyes that only by clicking and pressing the paraphrase button you’ll get results. Immediately, you’ll be able to read the response below the text you put into the empty box in a very accessible language. An example of an answer that you can obtain is: “the writer is feeling neutral” or something similar.

It is important to note that with this non-paid trial, you have until two hundred characters to use. But if you need a larger volume of characters, now we’ll describe more alternatives for your consideration.

Find out more about sentiment analysis for texts

Is it possible to utilize the sentiment analysis for texts with the Plaraphy API on more occasions?

Of course, it is possible! With a paid subscription, you’ll have more extensions for text analysis. The free mode doesn’t require credit cards (paid does). Besides, it’s necessary to pay every month to have always access to the service. There are two plans with a disponibility of a thousand characters for writings and ten thousand requests in the case of the Pro plan. The Ultra option has a hundred thousand API calls.

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