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Discover The IATA Code of Zurich Airport With This API

This article will tell you all about how to Discover the IATA Code of Airports through an API. We will be talking especially about The Zurich Airport: located in Kloten. The biggest and largest airport in Switzerland. But first, let’s start explaining what an IATA Code is and its importance.

We all know we live in an era where planes are crucial as means of transportation. Therefore, airports are extremely important. They offer a place where to land, take care of, and maintain airplanes. In the past of time, airports have grown into developing safer and easier ways into being identified. After all, new airlines and airports are constantly being constructed and remodeled. The IATA code is one of the easiest ways one can identify airports.

The development and maintenance of airports are extremely important for a lot of reasons. Right now I will mention one: the worldwide economy. They offer ways to translate merchant, ways to foment tourism, and more. This being said, you are probably asking yourself about the IATA code I just mentioned right?

Discover The IATA Code of Zurich Airport With This API

The International Air Transport Association´s Location Identifier is a unique three-letter code all airports have. Simply put, with this code, you are able to identify any airport and airline. For example, The IATA code for Zurich Airport is ZRH. Yes, I know you were waiting for that information. But keep in mind that if you want to discover this code and other pieces of information about airlines, airports, and even flights you can always count on the use of APIs. I recommend Flightlabs.

Flightlabs is a free, powerful REST API for real-time flight status and tracking information. With the use of this application programming interface, you will be able to get the IATA Code you are interested in. For example the Zurich Airport. But, let me tell you this is not all this API can provide. Actually, you are also able to get live data for flights, airports, schedules, timetables, and more.

Flighlabs is built on scalable cloud architecture that can handle any traffic, from thousands to millions of queries per minute. It has 250+ countries and 13.000+ airline coverage. Yes, as you can see it’s extremely powerful and has an extensive range.

Discover The IATA Code of Zurich Airport With This API

Now that you have all of this information you will be able to get any IATA Code of your interest and will be ready to start introducing yourself in the info-related airport world. With Flighlabs you will be ready for any occasion.

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