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Discover This API To Obtain Cobalt Prices

Looking to make your company aware of real-time and historical cobalt prices? Well, it is time to discover this metal pricing API.

Thankfully, we are in a place where companies are able to automate the information they get, enhance communications, add intelligence to their workflows, and more. This positive outcome is a consequence of all the advances technologies have been part of. Today will be focusing on one: APIs. 

Due to the power of APIs, companies of all kinds can know in an instant what is going on in the market; receive data about prices and commodities, generate analyses, and so on. Companies that work, buy, and sell cobalt and metals are no exception. 

Especially, in the metal world companies must always be in touch with the latest prices and changes. These can fluctuate in a matter of seconds which is why businesses can be deeply hurt if they do not have real information about their prices. This article will approach one in particular: Cobalt.


The Prices Of Cobalt In The World

Global cobalt metal prices have diverged due to a demand reversal across global markets. It has strength now coming from alloy and aerospace applications, and weakness in chemical markets powering certain types of batteries.

Alloy metal prices have eased but remained much firmer at $23-24/lb in November. The divergence of the market is more visible if one looks at the spread between the prices of alloy metals in Europe and the prices of metals in China. 

In China, prices have dropped to 318-345 yuan/kg ($20.67-22.43/lb). Chinese metal has weighed on the lower end of the European market as Chinese producers have offered material in that market. But in the US, Chinese metal is subject to tariffs, meaning prices have withstood the steeper decline experienced by European chemical-grade prices, holding at $22-23/lb. 

Selling prices for cobalt metal on the market have been reported to be much lower, leading some parts of the market to lower their price expectations.

Evidently, cobalt prices vary depending on the country and the industry. Hence, companies should obtain information from an API with global reach. Hence, now I will follow to approach one of the best application programming interfaces to discover all about cobalt prices. 


Metals-API is a leading and reliable interface for metal companies. This API enables precise and legitimate pricing from all over the world. It will provide cobalt prices from all countries due to its global presence.

Additionally, this metal pricing API offers uniformity, security, and help. The price information comes from a trustworthy resource that also offers financial data. Metals-API also includes hundreds of different metals and currencies.

Metals-API provides all about fluctuation tendencies, historical reports, highest and lowest prices, and everything in between. Also, it makes to support and covers most types of currencies which makes it excellent for different necessities and operations. 

To Get Cobalt Prices: 


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