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Email Marketing Guide For Online Retailers In 2022

Are you in need of an email marketing guide for online retailers? Keep reading!

The fundamental purpose of any email marketing campaign is to get more individuals to shop at your store. Many firms compete for consumers’ attention in the online retail arena, which is congested. Your email marketing plan allows you to communicate with existing and future clients. If you’re currently marketing to people via social media and similar methods, email can help you establish a new point of contact to strengthen your relationship with potential consumers and motivate them to buy with you again.

Email marketing has three key advantages: it is trustworthy, inexpensive, and successful. Therefore, your retail email marketing plan, when executed properly, may help you increase sales, obtain customer feedback, and retain customers. For that reason, we gathered a few tips your business should take into account while crafting email campaigns:

Segment your campaigns and lists: The easiest approach to customise on a wide scale is to use segmentation. Because the messaging is more targeted, it will result in more openings and higher CTRs. Every client list is unique, but identifying commonalities among them helps you expand your email marketing efforts.

Improve your subject lines: most people will only read the subject line of an email, so take the time to get it perfect. Aim for a subject line 3-6 words long and has no more than 28 characters. To increase your open rates, write your subject lines in uppercase titles with each term capitalised. Full sentences and lower-case words have a poor track record.

Email Marketing Guide For Online Retailers In 2022

Concentrate on your call to action: Your campaigns should include a single, obvious call to action. Every line of your email should serve to explain why your consumer has to do this particular action. Keep this in mind when you write your email, and it will be clear, purposeful, and result in more sales. Today, a simple ‘click here’ included in the email body will not work.

Use a branded and coded responsive email template: Using a branded and designed responsive email template ensures that your emails render correctly on all devices. Responsive emails make use of streaming entry forms and pictures to ensure that the text of the email flows smoothly across all screen sizes and mobile devices.

If you need more guidelines for effective email newsletters and campaigns, click here.


Apart from supplying further insight into the dos and don’ts of email marketing, Postr also provides unrestricted, responsive HTML email templates for creating attractive campaigns that capture your subscribers’ attention. As a result, no programming (e.g. incline CSS and tables) is necessary. You just have to use the platform’s GrapeJS, a next-generation tool for building templates without coding.

Email Marketing Guide For Online Retailers In 2022

Furthermore, Postr ensures a high level of delivery. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in (adult content, gambling websites, online casinos, crypto, initial coin offering, multi-level marketing, cannabis, CBD brands, Pharmaceutical products, Affiliate Marketing, Sports Betting, etc.). The technology guarantees that email messages sent to clients are delivered on schedule. You may also analyse their performance and data to understand what your subscribers want and don’t want, which will help your company grow.

Lastly, with Postr, you only pay for what you transmit; no hidden costs come with this software. Consequently, you’ll be able to send out more emails for less money. It’s a good offer for a corporation on a tight budget. However, if your subscriber list is under 200 people and you don’t plan to send more than 1,000 newsletters every month, you may use Postr‘s services for free.

Are you ready to take your 2022’s retail email marketing strategy to the next level?

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