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Every 14 hours a new startup is founded in Berlin

Nowhere else in Germany are there so many startups as in the capital. In the city center, numerous incubators, incubators and accelerator programs have been set up to help young entrepreneurs build their business. In the past year alone, there were 443 new companies, as the Institute for Innovation and Technology in cooperation with the platform Startup Detector has found in an extensive research.

The first report

For their first report on the Berlin startup ecosystem, the creators have searched the commercial register and other databases and read press releases and media reports. As a newly founded startup, the institute and portal understand a capital company that has an innovative business model or product and that has a high growth potential.

In Germany, an average of 130 start-up companies are registered each month, 37 of them in the federal capital alone. According to the study, a new startup was raised in Berlin every 14 hours in 2018. These included, for example, the software startup back of Bonativo founder Christian Eggert, the training app Sharpist or the gastronomic messenger service Choco by Lukasz Gadowski.

The numbers

The average founder, who started a business last year, was 35 years old in the capital. In neighboring Brandenburg, the age was 42 years Germany’s highest. About 15 percent of the company owners were female. 68 of the 443 startups were founded by women, the report said. About every sixth company gave one of the 104 Berlin coworking spaces the first company address. More than half of them started in the factory.

Berlin startups are above all technology-oriented. One third of the founders hired a software company last year, followed by the service industry and e-commerce.

However, the study not only provides an overview of the start-ups, but also lists the first rounds of financing of Berlin startups – as far as they are known. Accordingly, there were last year 99 seed investments: The food startup Buah, for example, got over half a million euros, the e-scooter manufacturer Tier Mobilty collected a one-digit million amount and for the fintech donut, there were 1.6 million euros.

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