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Find Accurate XAG Prices in Argentine Pesos with This API

If you’re looking to get accurate XAG prices in argentine pesos, read this article and learn how to do it for free with an API!

XAG is the second most sought-after precious metal in the world. Ignoring gold is necessary to diversify your assets, that’s why you need to have hourly changes in silver rates. Not all Metals APIs have different metals and all rates available from the Americas and the world.

Why Should an API Be Used?

As I am sure you have noticed by now, metal prices are always changing. They can vary wildly from day to day and even hour to hour. Sometimes it may seem as though they are random and that it is impossible to know what they will be in the future. They can change based on many different factors that are beyond your control…but predicting how the price of the metal will fluctuate can be predicted if you understand the market forces at play.

If your organization utilizes XAG, keeping up with market prices is critical for these reasons. The London Metal Exchange is the organization that keeps track of market pricing and updates any changes. As a result, you’ll need a tool that can keep you up to date. This tool is an API.

What Is An API?

The Metals-API is capable of providing real-time precious metals rate data, thanks to its 10+ exchange rate data sources. There are several endpoints in the API, each of which has a different function. Get the most recent exchange rate data for any or a particular group of currencies, translate sums from one currency to another, retrieve Time-Series data for one or more currencies, and ask the API for regular fluctuation data are all endpoint functionalitie

Metals-API started as a basic, lightweight Open-Source API enabling banks to get current and historical precious metals prices. The API can provide real-time precious metals data with a 2 decimal point precision and a frequency of up to 60 seconds through API. Among the features accessible are time-series data, volatility statistics, and the day’s lowest and highest prices, as well as precious metals exchange rates and currency conversion. The API provides precise precious metal exchange rate data in over 170 currencies throughout the world, including Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

Main Features:

  • Periodicity in real time, history, and tick-by-tick API
  • Intraday and historical charts API
  • Real-time metal prices metal of the platinum group and base metals API
  • Spot and future prices of gold, silver, palladium, lead, and platinum throughout history
  • Real-time precious metals prices Gold, silver, palladium, lead, and platinum are the four precious metals API
  • Real-time metal prices metal of the platinum group and base metals API


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